Swedish Truck Parts Inventory - What we can supply

Swedish Truck Parts can supply or source any Truck parts you require, here's a list of a few of the parts we can supply
for Various Scania Volvo Daf Iveco Man Renault Mercedes Trucks and Buses

Engine & Ancillary Equipment

Piston and liner kits, EGR Coolers, EGR Valves, AdBlue Pumps, Main bearings, Big and bearings, Thrust washers, Piston rings, Liner seals
Head gaskets, De-carbonizing gasket kits, Core Plugs, Oil seals, Starter ring gears, Injector sleeve kits
Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Nozzles
Cam followers, Exhaust valves, Oil pump repair kits, Exhaust systems,
Radiators, Fan belts, Oil filters, Fuel filters, Air filters, Water pumps
Thermostats, Radiator caps.....

Driveline & Suspension

Clutch kits, Master cylinders, Clutch servos, Gearbox gasket kits, Prop shaft UJ’s
Centre bearings, Brake chambers, EBS Modulators, ABS Sensors, Diaphragms, Brake drums, Compressors, Brake valves King pin kits,
Steering UJ’s, Draglinks, Track rod ends, Shackle pins and bushes, V-stays,
V-stay repair kits, Road springs, Air suspension components, Wheel bearings, Hub oil seals,
Wheel studs and nuts, Shock absorbers, Anti roll bar bushes.....

Electrical & Body Equipment

Alternators, Starter motors, Headlamps, Mirrors, Indicator lamps and lenses, Tail lamps
Wiper motors and linkages, Wiper arms and blades, Washer pumps, Indicator switches
Dash switches, Relays, Sender units, Horns, Alternator belts, Front grilles, Corner panels, Doors,
Bumpers, Front and Rear wings, Steps, Seats etc…...