Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance: this is crucial in increasing the lifespan of your commercial vehicle.

Vehicles, like all forms of machinery, require periodic repair and replacement work in order to ensure the vehicle continues to run at peak performance. Similarly, if you sustain an accident or someone else bumps into your vehicle, you’ll want to get your vehicle serviced for accident body repairs at your nearest garage or car dealership.

Changing Scania Truck Parts can include Scania wheel bearings for inner or outer hub reduction. Some people also forget that it can be cost effective by buying used Scania wheel hubs which can give your truck that bit more longevity without the cost of a new part

Motorists can frequently be quite hypersensitive to the noises their vehicles make as an unfamiliar noise is often the first indicator that something is wrong. If something is wrong with the wheel hub bearings at the front or rear of your vehicle then the noise will be quite loud and quite unnerving. If your front or rear hubs are faulty or wearing down then it’s important to replace what needs to be replaced as wheel bearings have to work properly for the vehicle to function and perform as it should.

For your Scania vehicle, you can find the best quality new and used replacement parts through Swedish Truck Parts. You can find the right replacement part for your Scania vehicle here, or with a little help from us.

Scania Rear Wheel Hub

04 Feb 2015
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