Is your Man vehicle off the road? Does your vehicle need a replacement part?

If your vehicle’s not roadworthy because it needs a replacement part then the team at Swedish Truck Parts can source and supply any truck parts you require. To meet the needs of truck drivers and businesses we can source the correct part for you when you need it.

If a vehicle is serviced regularly and is well-cared for then this will prolong the lifespan of the vehicle while increasing the amount of time it spends on the road. Regular servicing will help maintain the vehicle’s fuel efficiency, reduce downtime, and generally mean fewer repair and replacement costs. However, commercial vehicles are well-used, and it’s inevitable that a new part will be required at some point during the vehicle’s life.

Need a Man front rear hub? The team of parts technicians at Swedish Truck Parts is equipped to find the correct part for any make and model of commercial vehicle. All the parts we supply are purchased directly from the OE suppliers and manufacturers, guaranteeing quality and longevity. 

13 Nov 2014
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