The DAF European Technician of the Year 2016 award has been won by Ipswitch based Chassis-Cab Truck Centre dealership Adam Baker. 

"I could hardly believe it when I was chosen as the DAF UK Technician of the Year in March,” he says. “And now I’m the best in Europe!" said Adam who has worked at the truck centre for six years. 

Adam added "...an in-depth, all-round product knowledge. And above all, a lot of dedication." when asked What in his view characterizes a good technician?

DAF dealerships in Europe can enter their technicians for the ‘DAF European Technician of the Year’ award. The award criteria is founded by competing in two parts. In the 1st year the entrants compete for the national title in their own respective country. Then the  winners from each country compete against each other during the European final.

14 Apr 2016
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