Reconditioning an engine and gearbox in a MAN truck is done by stripping down the box and replacing the worn moving parts with new or reconditioned moving parts. This is done to keep an older HGV on the road without incurring the much larger cost of replacing the MAN gearbox with a brand new one. The method in which the gearbox is disassembled and reassembled is a long meticulous process but it ensures that the reconditioned gearbox will last. 

The reconditioned MAN gearbox is usually put back together with either new or reconditioned parts but it is tested rigorously once it has been put back together. 

The main benefit of replacing your gearbox with a reconditioned unit as opposed to brand new is obviously the cost however the reconditioned gearboxes are tested so that there is peace of mind and will be just as good as a brand new one.

The moving parts that are used to reassemble the MAN gearbox will be replaced with parts that are usually the original manufacturer parts and therefore the difference in quality will not get affected. 

MAN truck reconditioned gearbox transmission

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23 Oct 2015
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